A High Kick followed their "I Do's"

Jim and Erica were such a fun couple!! Jim with his goofy nature and Erica as classy as can be. The main thing that exuded from them was their love for each other. The couple chose the breathtaking and historic Elms Mansion as the centerpiece for their wedding. The Elms Mansion was built in 1869 for Watson Van Benthuysen II. Watson was a wine and tobacco merchant as well as the President of the Saint Charles streetcar company. It is safe to say that the Elms Mansion is an excellent representation of New Orleans and the perfect backdrop for their wedding.


Jim and Erica were fun loving and so excited for their big day from the start. They wanted their guests to experience a very authentic New Orleans wedding and Uptown is the perfect neighborhood to capture a local feel. The big day went as smooth as can be. Erica looked striking in her grandmothers veil and a smile on her face all day that said everything. Her bridesmaids and mother fluttered around her with so much excitement. The couple wrote each other notes to exchange while getting ready and if possible, Erica’s smile got even bigger as she read Jim’s, “I’m eating all the chips later love, Jim”


Their first look was under the Tree of Life in Audubon Park. The Tree of Life is an iconic spot in New Orleans Uptown neighborhood. The tree’s official name is Etienne de Boray Oak named after the first mayor of New Orleans, and the man who was a huge part in bringing sugar cane to the area. Renamed by locals as “Tree of Life” it is a favorite spot by all and makes for a gorgeous picture.


Erica was led down the aisle by her mother, who has been the constant in Erica’s life. I love when one of my couples cares more about making their wedding be theirs than to try to follow what is “traditional.” Erica’s mother radiated as she walked Erica down the aisle.


Jim and Erica wanted to get their party started immediately. With a high kick from Jim, Kinfolk led the couple and their wedding party from the aisle to their second line with “Just Hitched” stitched on their parasol. They paraded down St Charles as Kinfolk led them back to their reception and went right into their first dance.


The couple danced all night with their friends and family. Erica and her mother had their mother/daughter dance and their bond and love poured out and caused everyone to get emotional, yours truly included.

I always like to remind my couples that their day goes by extremely quickly and is filled with so many people that they love and to try to absorb it as much as they can. There is not another day in your life that everyone you love is in the same room, so you need to make the most of each moment.

I love getting close with all my couples and am honored that they want me to help them organize and plan one of the biggest days of their life. Erica and Jim were so fun loving and incredible to work with.