How do you pick a wedding date??


Congratulations on your engagement!  It's such an exciting time as you've found that partner in life, and you get to celebrate that with everyone you care about.  Here are a few tips to consider when picking that very important date:


1. Season: weather plays an important part on the day of the 'I Dos'.  From venue choice, to color choice, to floral availability, these are some of the things that can dictate when is best.  So think about as a couple what you care about most, be it outdoor ceremony, or a winter wonderland.

2. Budget:  Your reception venue usually takes up the majority of your budget.  Keeping on budget can be difficult, but there are things that assist in that.  Friday and Sundays can be less expensive days, and during the week even more so.  Also take the time to research the upcoming events happening in the area (if the NFL team consumes the city the weekend you are hoping for, it may drive up your venue costs, and limit your options.)

3. Sentimental: Do you want to be married on the day of your first date, or possibly your Grandparents anniversary?  These special elements can be  wonderful tidbits to share with your guests and make that day even more special.