Branding Your Event

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending a luncheon; LGBT Weddings: Insight and Opportunities with Bernadette M. Baillie of and co-hosted with the New Orleans chapter of NACE; National Association of Catering and Events.

Let me begin by saying how lucky I was to sneak in on this event and sit with some of the best of the best in New Orleans events. It becomes more clear the longer I am a “member” of this community that working in the world of events is the best job I could have ever asked for!

The focus of the day’s events was the support of the LGBT community when planning a wedding. I walked away with a notebook full of ideas and a spring in my step as I have a few weddings coming up that really are going to benefit from what was presented.  

Already thinking about themes and how important it is for my clients to infuse their personal style in this special day; I have been collecting my thoughts on what it means for a couple to “brand” their event. Social media provides a great deal of inspiration for ideas; Carey Lowe @TheIdeaEmporium specializes in branding weddings and has truly been an inspiration for me; follow her immediately!

Branding an event is more than just color palettes or personalize name tags. A brand can represent something special between you as a couple; obvious or subtle, but ultimately showing up in a variety of ways that contributes to the continuity throughout the entirety of the experience.

I admire The Knot for its depth of information on planning your special day and I often look to the website for cutting edge inspiration. Most recently, I came across a two areas that I have to share with you and give a few thoughts of my own;

Wedding Themes;

Gay + Lesbian Weddings;

I like to ask more questions that help me understand why you love what you love and want it represented on this special day. From baseball to nintendo; it is possible to tastefully infuse themes into an event and create an overarching experience. Taking an example from Carey Lowe check out this Instagram post about her custom cocktail that was tasteful in multiple ways.

Here is what I suggest you begin to think about to make your theme transform into a brand that will then ultimately allow us to create that unique experience shine through for you and your guests.

Ask yourself;

  • “Why do I love this?”

  • “What about this do I want represented to make an impact for my guests?”

  • “What elements of the guest experience can be intentionally impacted?”

  • “What about this theme represents us as a couple?”

  • “Why is this theme important to me?”

While there is a difference between a literal vurses an abstract interpretation of your desired theme; I edge more towards interpreting your theme and infusing it a variety of unique and subtle ways.

Ways I like to infuse your theme and transform it into an event brand:

  • Selecting a venue that nods to your brand or holds a special significance to you as a couple.
  • Mixing a signature cocktail to be served to your guests.

  • Vendors that can interpret your brand through a dish or the entirety of the meal.

  • Create a new tradition or a tradition with a twist.
  • Favors!  

Making your day special can take many forms; buck tradition, interpret elements in different ways, focus on the entire experience from beginning to end; let’s try something that hasn’t been done before! Trust me, I’ve got a few secrets up my sleeve that I will only share with you!

Credits to:

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